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  We manufacture the trendiest Pashmina items, Felt items, and Silver Jewelries available in the market. We have a magnificent collection as our designers help us keep up with the latest European and American fashion trends. Most of our customers order items designed by our in-house designers but we also manufacture according to the designs and specification sent by our clients.

We manufacture items in the following categories:

  Pashmina Pashmina is the softest wool from the underbelly of the mountain goat. The goat is not harmed or in any pain during the wool extraction. The 100% Pashmina shawls are almost transparent and the warmest of all the Pashmina compositions. A good quality Pashmina full length shawls weights 160 grams and can pass through a ring and hence the name "Ring Shawl".

Pashmina shawls come in different blends and qualities. The best is the 100% Pashmina but there are also mixtures of Pashmina and Silk at 90%Pashmina-10%Silk, 80%Pashmina-20%Silk, 70%Pashmina-30%Silk, 60%Pashmina-40%Silk and 50%Pashmina-50%Silk. Our standards productions are 100%Pashmina, 70%Pashmina-30%Silk, and 50%Pashmina-50%Silk. Viscous blends are also available on special request.

Pashmina comes in various solid colors as well as shaded colors, two and three tones,  embroidered or beaded shawls. The latest trend is "crystallized shawls" where genuine Austrian or Swarovski crystals are added to the shawl. Due to the high cost of these crystals, these are manufactured by special orders only. We produce full length shawls (90cmx200cm), stoles (70cmx200cm and 55cmx180cm) and scarves (30cmx180cm). We can also manufacture blankets and dresses.

Shawls, Stoles, Scarves, Caps, Sweaters, Ladies wear

  Felt Our Felt products are made of 100% wool. The wool is boiled and then stretched to desired size and shape. Each item is made of only one piece of felt. These are very warm and comfortable to wear. Most of our products in felt are purses, bags, wallets, caps, house shoes and house slippers. We also make customs items such as toys, ornaments or any shape desired. The colors and motifs shown are just samples. We can make any motif or design and in any color your request.

Our sizes for the shoes and the slippers come in the European sizes but we can get them converted to American sizes on request. Purses and Bags come in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. The wallets come in small and large. Any other item is made to order.

Our inventory has much larger variety of products than shown in the gallery here. If you don't find something you are looking for then please contact us. Please send us the product name and item number for inquiry about a particular item.

Bags, Purses, Wallets, Caps, Hats, Shoes, Slipper, etc.

  Silk Shawls, Stoles, Scarves, Dresses
We sell items in the following categories
  Collector's Art Assorted
  Thankas Thankas are hand paintings in silk with natural colors and liquid gold